Business Services

We offer a range of services for restaurants, caterers, wedding planners and other retail and wholesale businesses.


Restaurant customers are often reluctant to buy wine in restaurants when they know they can buy the same bottle at a local retailer for a fraction of the restaurant’s price. Restaurants often lose opportunities for wine bottle sales. With your own private label house wine there is no sticker shock.

We can help you develop your custom label house wine and grow your profits.


Cotton Creek Winery works with retailers to develop and implement exclusive custom label wine.

Opportunities include:

  • Earn higher margins than other national brands
  • Differentiate your store from the competition
  • Sell a product exclusive to your store and carried by no other
  • Valuable branding opportunity

Hotels/Resorts/B & B's

Cotton Creek Winery Custom Label Wine becomes a way to enhance the property’s branding and increase margins and wine sales.
  • Brand the property
  • Higher margins for Food & Beverage
  • Restaurant, gift shop and room service bottle sales
  • Wine by the glass sales

Corporate Events

Custom wine for corporate events is a unique way to gain exposure for the business while helping to leave a lasting impression for event attendees, employers and vendors.
  • Corporate gifts
  • Banquets and events
  • Seminars
  • Corporate celebrations


Pricing for Private Label Wine will vary based on type of wine, packaging and quantity. Pricing for events will vary based on event requirements. Contact the winery for a quote.